Do You Have a Family Wellness Plan?

An umbrella shelters us from dark clouds filled with precipitation. As we watch the rain fall all around its effects go unseen until long after the storm. There can be negative changes following adverse weather such as heightened emotions, stress, damage and loss.

There are also good effects–like one day we look down and see a sprout emerging from the soil. After more time it grows into a flower or tree providing its own shelter.

I’d like to compare an umbrella to our own plan of protection at home. While life’s storms result in positive and negative outcomes, there’s always need for protection, even if it’s only for a short time. Through fort2fication we are providing tools for our family members to withstand the weather and even GROW from the effects!

The world offers many things to protect ourselves, from job security, money, and insurance of every kind to simple things like food and clothing. What are we doing in our OWN space we call home to for2fy our family’s health: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally?

Years ago I created a wellness plan for my family in attempts to for2fy our “germ shield” at home. I shared the chart with several friends who loved the idea. Currently, it seems the whole world is on a similar path to build a stronghold against certain harmful germs–maybe this will be of use to many of you too!

I’ve created a template below so you can personalize it. Just hold your finger over the image until it gives you the option to save. Then print directly from your photos. The idea of this chart is to glue on your own printed goals or hand write them in the WHITE circles. Then print images or cut them out of magazines and attach to the YELLOW circles. The upper rectangle box is for your family name, the lower for the word family, household, clan….you get the idea. If you are super crafty and want to make your own chart from scratch maybe this will give you some ideas!

This was designed in Publisher and I’d be happy to share the file so you can edit directly and print. You can email me here:

Here’s an example of my own chart with some of our family goals. The pictures are great for the little non-readers. I have posted this in our garage so we get a reminder BEFORE we enter the house. There’s also one in the kitchen and bathroom (kid height). Place them where your family will get frequent reminders to self-check their cleanliness and health choices.

Another good place to post this chart is at your front door or inside your entry so that, neighbors, extended family and other visitors know what your house rules are. It will give them a reminder to also self-check their health habits or help reinforce rule with household members. Your focus will evolve over time as life changes occur: update or alter as needed.

If you have never put pen to a wellness plan the following can get you thinking about what’s important for your family. Discuss with family members (even if it’s just a fish or the cockroach in the cupboard) and decide what needs you want to address.

Start simple.

You’ll find that several of these areas can be combined or incorporated into one section or goal. For example, on my chart I listed deep breathing in our sleep circle as we need to work on calming emotions which encourages good sleeping habits.

Goal ideas:

  • Nutrition improvements
  • Exercise
  • Personal cleanliness
  • Home sanitization
  • Emotional or spiritual needs
  • Sleep habits
  • Therapies and treatments
  • Medical/health needs
  • Home Security
  • Emergency Preparedness

When deciding what will go on your chart, it helps to eliminate what you don’t need. Say your family is great at praying daily or you feel you eat healthy and have a good exercise plan, then you wouldn’t want those on your chart. Include things that you need reminders on or improvements in or good habits that’s need establishing.

I hope you find this useful in your home. There’s nothing more important than family. While doing our best to protect them, we’re also for2fying our community, our nation and our earth. I leave you with a quote from the lovely Kerri Walsh Jennings. Her champion spirit reminds us that opposition is essential.

Happy wellness planning!


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