What is for2fy?

I’m on this journey of creating a haven for my family and would like to invite you to participate by reading, commenting and sharing your own successes and tips. This invitation extends to all, whether you live with a spouse, partner, 5 children, 2 cats or a fish, we can all do more to for2fy our homes!

Definition of fortify:

a: to make strong, strengthen and secure (a place such as your home)

b: to give physical strength, courage, or endurance to

c: to add mental or moral strength to

d: to enhance, enrich (food) to improve the nutritional value


I love the words secure, to give endurance, to enrich: perfect definitions to my purpose in writing, which is, a desire to make my home and your home a stronghold.

With all that’s going on in our world today, it seems that our homes are more important than ever. That means we need to finetune our self-sufficiency, adjust the filtering of what comes in and what goes out, and create a sanctuary where we can learn, grow and flourish. HOME should be the hub!

It’s my goal that for2fy will become a database of knowledge on how to:

Inspire healthy and practical ways to increase nutrition through food selection and cooking methods. This includes turning unhealthy, traditional recipes into more nourishing sustenance. Through substitution methods you can be more confident in transforming your own kitchen!

Strengthen skills on mental & emotional health and medicinal self-care tips, including how to germ proof your home in practical ways and care for minor emergencies (spotlighting guest bloggers in the works).

Increase awareness and responsibility through tips on effective shopping, recycling, waste management and better use of goods–aka–MAKING DO–the healthy way.


This scripture above goes through my head constantly serving as a mantra to help me look for the good in every situation–especially the tough ones. Through education, training, hardship and struggle comes my unique insight that I hope will be meaningful to you in some way.

To give a bit of background, in post high school years I studied: social work, fashion design, alternative medicine, nutrition and small business management. I spent many years working in retail, food service, interior and floral design, then running my own business planning, decorating and catering events–which I absolutely loved.

Then life changed DRAMATICALLY after my second son, Lukas, was born with a rare chromosome disorder, hydrocephalus, three heart holes, severe pulmonary hypertension and the list goes on and on. Thankfully– God’s good grace and Luke’s indomitable will–it’s still going on and on.

There are so many things I’ve learned being a mom to a medically fragile child. Life has presented numerous ways to grow–like furthering my skills in nutrition, implementing medical therapies (conventional and non conventional), breeding dogs for service training (yah, a little unconventional), and soul enriching opportunities to fundraise and advocate. I also had the privilege to share my experiences in the first few years caring for Lukas, accomplishing a long-time goal to write and publish a book.


There are wonderful people who’ve crossed my path, teaching me valued lessons and ways of life that I feel compelled to share. One of these great mentors was my Papa Joe who always said to me: You can do ANYTHING! And so I leave you with his empowering words:

YOU can do anything!

Anything and everything needed to create a wholesome home and a happy, healthy YOU. Together we can for2fy the most important place and the most important people in our world. I hope my ideas will inspire you to for2fy your home, to strengthen your family, and ultimately increase your skillset and quality of life. I look forward to sharing yours as well.


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